Events in FY2021 | 2021年度イベント

  • Reconnaisance survey of the 2022 Fukushima Earthquake


    Urgent reconnaissance survey of Earthquake hitting around Fukushima and Miyagi was conducted. The following link is the report which presented in JSCE on 30th March (size: 8.2MB).


    ▶Download report | 報告書ダウンロード

  • Farewell party for Mr. Onodera and Mr. Murakami


  • Two-day seminar & Party

    研究室恒例のTwo-day Seminarとパーティを実施しました。

    清田研では1年に2回、英語の長めのゼミがあります。一人発表時間は15~20分、質疑応答は発表者以外の全員が一つ以上聞くまで終わりません…! とてもハードですが、英語でのコミュニケーション能力はこれで結構上昇します!

    Twice a year, Kiyota Lab has an English seminar. Each person has 15~20 minutes to present, and the Q&A session is not over until everyone except the presenter has heard at least one of the questions…! It was very tough, but it is a good way especially for Japanese students to improve thier English communication skills!

  • Technical visit to Shikoku and Chugoku



    Three undergraduate students have temporarily joined the Kiyota Lab to study the possible geotechnical risks to long-distance flow failure in Japan that occurred in Palu, Indonesia, during the 2018 Sulawesi earthquake. They used GIS to quantify some selected risks and conducted short site investigation in Shikoku and Chugoku area, as well as visited Geotech Lab in Ehime University under the supervision of Prof. Okamura.

  • Mr. Onodera (M2) received Presentation Award from Japan Association for Earthquake Engineering.



    Mr. Onodera, a second year master’s student, received the presentation award from the committee of JAEE annual conference. He gave an oral presentation on Liquefaction Resistance of Volcanic Ground by Undrained Cyclic Triaxial Loading Test with Reconstituted Sample.

  • Site visiting in the affected area by the 2018 Hokkaido-Iburi Eastern Earthquake



    Several layers of volcanic crushed sand were deposited on the mountainous area of Atsuma City, resulting in a shallow collapse due to the 2018 Hokkaido Iburi Eastern Earthquake. We conducted dynamic cone penetration testing and collected in-situ intact and disturbed samples at the landslide site.

  • Prof. Kiyota received Silver Award from the Taisei Foundation



    リンク▶ 第3回研究成果発表会|助成実績|一般財団法人 大成学術財団 

    Prof. Kiyota received Silver Award from the Taisei Foundation for his research “A new method for estimating liquefaction resistance using shear wave velocity and its application”.

    Link▶ The 3rd Result Presentation of Taisei Foundation (in Japanese)