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We are working on research aimed at mitigating and preventing natural disasters that have a huge impact on society through a scientific approach from specialized fields related to Geotechnical Engineering.

We welcome you to Kiyota Lab to explore exciting opportunities in the area of Geo-disaster mitigation. You will be exposed to challenging opportunities to grow professionally and personally while enjoying the cross-cultural. To be a member of Kiyota Lab in the master’s or doctoral program, take the entrance exam of the Graduate School of Engineering / Department of Civil Engineering.



清田研究室では、地盤防災に興味のある学生を歓迎します。所属学生のほぼ半数は留学生で、多様な文化交流も楽しめます。 清田研究室は、工学部社会基盤学科、および工学系研究科社会基盤学専攻から学生を受け入れています。詳しい研究内容や研究室の環境を知りたい方は、お気軽に下記までご連絡ください。

最新情報 | Latest Updates

  • Prof. Kiyota received the Balushev Award by the Bulgarian Society for SMGE
    清田先生がブルガリアにおいて第一回Balushev Awardを受賞しました Kiyota sensei was selected as the first winner of the Balushev Award, established by the Bulgarian Society for Soil Mechanics […]
  • Celebration to Prof. Kiyota
    清田先生教授昇任お祝い会 Many graduates and collaborating members of Kiyota Lab gathered together to congratulate Kiyota Sensei on his promotion to full professor. Thank […]
  • Welcome Party in April
    4月の歓迎会 Kurima Sensei, Jiang, Kariya and Imai have joined our lab since April. 栗間先生、江さん、仮屋さんと今井さんが加わりました。
  • Farewell Party in March
    3月の送別会 Our fellow members Shiga Sensei, Dr. Hsieh, Dr. Chua (D3), Wan and Ito (M2) are moving to a new chapter in […]
  • Intern students from Taiwan
    台湾研究実習生 Two students from Taiwan spent a month in our lab. We wish you the best in your future. 台湾から二人の留学生が1ヶ月清田研究室に実習しました。ご健闘を祈念します。
  • 2023 New Year Party
    2023年研究室新年会 New Year Party was first held after three years. Thank you for being a part of us. 3年ぶり新年会が開催できました。お集まりいただき、ありがとうございました。


清田 隆 教授

東京大学生産技術研究所 Be-204


Takashi KIYOTA, Professor

Be-204, Institute of Indurstrial Science
4-6-1, Komaba, Meguro, Tokyo, 153-8505, JAPAN